Exchange 2013 EAS probe (health monitoring)

If you are deploying Exchange 2013 you might be aware that Microsoft is using all it's knowledge to build a "self healing" product. You can read more about it here: LINK.

One monitor is EAS (ActiveSync) and if you require all EAS devices to be compliant (on the Default EAS policy) you might get a warning in the event log:
A non-compliant phone is trying to connect with Exchange ActiveSync. However, the Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy for user [DOMAIN\SM_GUID] and device ID [EASProbeDeviceId141] requires phones to be compliant before they synchronize with Exchange ActiveSync.

  1.  Logon to ECP website (Exchange Admin Center)
  2. Go to Mobile
  3. Click on the + under "Device Access Rules"
  4. Create a rule for "EASProbeDeviceType" and "Allow access"

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