Move log files for a Exchange 2010 DAG database

To move DAG enabled mailbox stores in Exchange 2010 to a new LOG disk you have a few different options. If you require a small amount of downtime then I recommend you to create a new mailbox database with the correct paths, then enable DAG replication and then move user mailboxes to the created database.

If you only need to move the log files (and also can break DAG replication) then the following procedure can be used:

  1. Remove all DAG replication copies (except the active database)
    1. Mark the database
    2. Right click the database copy and choose “Remove”
    3. Remove EDB and LOG files from the servers where you removed replication
  2. Move the database
    1. Right click the mailbox database and choose “Move Database Path…”
      The database will be dismounted when moving the logfiles (causing downtime for users in the database). The database will be dismounted for the time it takes to copy all current log files into the new location specified.
  3. Add DAG replication for moved database
    1. Mark the database
    2. Right click and choose “Add Mailbox Database Copy…”

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