Can’t allocate disks to SQL cluster

I have been working on a failed SQL cluster setup today and decided to reinstall all SQL clusters on the two node cluster. All uninstallation went OK but when I was about to create my new clusters I could’t allocate any disks. All disks came up with:

The disk resource 'Cluster Disk 1 (SQL Data Disk A)' is already in use by resource 'Analysis Services A'. To use a disk in a new SQL Server failover cluster instance, the disk must not have any dependencies that reference it.

The SQL uninstallation must have failed to clean up (or delete) the correct resources.

My solution was the following:

  • Open a CMD prompt (run as administrator)
  • cluster res
    This showed me all resources on my cluster and I noted which one’s that I should delete
  • cluster res “resource name” /delete
    Deletes the resources (I deleted all disk and services resources that I had uninstalled)
  • Re-added all disk using “Failover Cluster Manager” (cluadmin.msc)

After this I could allocate the disks when setting up the cluster again from SQL Installation > New SQL Server failover cluster installation.

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