Install Telnet Client on Windows 7 from cmd line

I often use the telnet command to verify ports on webservers, smtp gateways and RPC traffic. Telnet isn't installed by default on a Windows 7 workstation so I need a way of quickly install it (and on secure systems also remove it).

  1. Open an elevated cmd prompt
  2. Enter "start /w pkgmgr /iu:TelnetClient"
  1. Open an elevated cmd prompt
  2. Enter "start /w pkgmgr /uu:TelnetClient"


Unknown said...


I tried the cmd prompt telnet installation but its giving me the following popup..

"Operation failed with 0x80070057
The parameter is incorrect"

i have given command like this:-
start /W pkgmgr /ui:TelnetClient

RikardStrand said...
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RikardStrand said...

Hello Bob,

It's a typo in my post. You should use the following command for installing the Telnet client:
start /w pkgmgr /iu:TelnetClient

(I have also corrected the blog post).

Nidhi said...

No operation is performed after i type the command . what to do?

RikardStrand said...

Hello Nidhi,

Are you running in an elevated commandprompt ?
Do you get any errormessages ?
Are you entering it Case Sensitive ?

Is all is installing you can try run telnet.exe to see if the binaries are installed.