Outlook 2010 - allow attachments

I use Outlook 2010 (Technical Preview) but it blocks attachments by default. Using the registry key Level1Remove the attachments can be available;
  • Placement: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Security
    Notice that Office 2010 is level 14.0 in the registry.
  • KeyName: Level1Remove
  • KeyType: REG_SZ (String value)
  • Data: .ade;.adp;.app;.asp;.bas;.bat;.cer;.chm;.cmd;.com;.cpl;.crt;.csh;.exe;.fxp;.gadget;.hlp;.hta;.inf;.ins;.isp;.its;.js;.jse;.ksh;.lnk;.mad;.maf;.mag;.mam;.maq;.mar;.mas;.mat;.mau;.mav;.maw;.mda;.mdb;.mde;.mdt;.mdw;.mdz;.msc;.msi;.msp;.mst;.ops;.pcd;.pif;.prf;.prg;.pst;.reg;.scf;.scr;.sct;.shb;.shs;.tmp;.url;.vb;.vbe;.vbs;.vsmacros;.vss;.vst;.vsw;.ws;.wsc;.wsf;.wsh;.xnk
This will allow the user in Outlook to be able to access most attachments (save to disk). If you recieve attachments from unknown persons then do not open the attachments. As always take backup of the registry before doing changes.

You need to restart Outlook.exe to pickup the new registry key.

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