Connect WEBDAV to MOSS 2007 on a server

A customer needed to copy documents from a MOSS 2007 server (all document libraries) to a file share. Using ROBOCOPY (Robust File Copy) from Microsoft and a WEBDAV this task is rather easy.


Robocopy is part of Windows 2003 server Microsoft resource kit (reskit) that you can download from this page. It’s important that robocopy.doc is read and that you get familiar with all parameters and options.

WebDAV on a server

If you try to map a UNC path [net use * \\servername\path] towards MOSS on a server you will get the following error message:

System error 67 has occurred.

The network name cannot be found.

You need to enable WebClient on the server to be able to access WebDAV on a server. How to do this:

  1. Start –> Run –> Services.msc
  2. Find WebClient in the list
  3. Double click WebClient
  4. Change Startup type to Automatic
  5. Click Apply button
  6. Click Start button (the service starts)

This enables WebClient and you can now map a WebDAV folder using net use command.

Error “The workstation driver is not installed.”

In some cases you will get an error “The workstation driver is not installed”. This seems to be related to the following device driver “WebDav Client Redirector”. You need to run the following commands to fix this error message:

  1. net stop webclient
  2. net stop mrxdav
  3. net start mrxdav
  4. net start webclient

Happy WebDAV-ing from servers.


Anonymous said...

thanks !!!

Ian Hayse said...

Appears the

net stop mrxdav
net start mrxdav

fixed the issue.