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Top Screenshot Tips: "Top Screenshot Tips
These screen-capture tips provide built-in and add-on solutions to just about anything you might wish to snap.
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Capturing good screenshots in Mac OS X requires some experimentation. If you simply want to capture the screen for reference later on, you can do it easily with the built-in screen-capture tool. However, if you are a professional writer or a student preparing that term paper and need great-looking screen shots, you have to spend a little more time exploring your options.
These screen capture tips provide built-in and add-on solutions to just about anything you might wish to snap.
Mac OS X Jaguar comes with a built-in capability for capturing screenshots. To capture the entire screen, simply press command-Shift-3 and a PDF grab of your current view will appear on your desktop. Screenshots are numbered sequentially, such as Picture 1.pdf, Picture 2.pdf, and so on.
To capture a particular region of the screen, type command-Shift-4 and highlight � using click-and-drag � whatever portion of the screen you'd like.

Figure 1. Capturing a portion of the screen
An extension to region grabbing is snagging a picture of a particular window or dialog box. Press command-Shift-4, then the spacebar; any window you run your mouse over will be highlighted. Click to capture it. You can toggle back and forth between region and window modes by pressing the spacebar.
To change your mind and cancel screen capture, press the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard.
While the built-in screen-capture tool is good enough for just about all purposes, it has a couple of drawbacks. It doesn't capture the mouse pointer in any of the screenshots � not even optionally. This is a bust for technical writers explaining the operation of menus,"

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