Windows 10 - Remove fingerprint data

Today I removed an old user account from my computer and added a new one (after moving my computer from AD domain to AD Azure join). After adding my Azure account to the computer I tried to add fingerprint to logon to the computer. However this was not possible due to an error:
Fingerprint already present on other user account

Steps to resolve (as the old account was deleted)

  1. Stop "Windows Biometric service" (WbioSrvc)
  2. Go to "C:\Windows\System32\WinBioDatabase"
  3. Delete all files (I suspect GUID's to be bound to different logins)
  4. Start "Windows Biometric service" (WbioSrvc)

Now I could add my fingerprint to my Azure logon on the computer.


Cronje van Heerden said...

Thanks for posting this, was about to shoot a coronary after trawling the useless Microsoft support sites.

go-hoosiers said...

Perfect - thanks.