Windows Media Player crashes after computer upgrade (Indiv01.key)

Worked to troubleshoot my own computer after upgrading the computer (moving the hard drive from one laptop to a newer one). After the move Windows Media Player crashed during startup with faulting module name [Indiv01.key].
Why ?
It's related to DRM (Digital Rights Management) in Windows Media player. To solve the issue I did the following:

  1. Removed the Indiv01.key from the following folder and all subfolders:
  2. Downloaded ResetDRM.exe (link)
  3. Set the compatible mode on the ResetDRM.exe to Windows XP 
  4. Run ResetDRM.exe as Administrator (right click)
  5. Started Internet Explorer and went to the following page:
    Windows Media Technologies - Security Component upgrade (link
This routine fixed my problem.

If you remove all DRM you are deleting your possibility to access your *purchased* movies, tv-shows and/or music so contact any sellers if you can re-download your purschased items after repairing the Windows Media Player.

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