Generate reports for all your GPO’s

I had a customer needed a print out of all GPO’s in their domain. To do this you can do the following routines below.

Windows 2003

The following information describes the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) scripting samples. You can find the samples in the %programfiles%\Gpmc\Scripts directory after you install the GPMC. You can execute the scripts at the command prompt. The scripts send output to the Command Prompt window. Run the scripts using the CScript.exe application.

Link to other sample scripts: GPO script samples

Link to GPMC console for Windows 2003: GPMC download

Generate Reports for all GPOs (Windows 2003/2008)

The GetReportsForAllGPOs.wsf sample generates two files for each GPO in the domain. The first file is an XML file that contains information such as details, links, security filtering, WMI filtering, delegation, computer, and user configurations for the GPO. The second file is an HTML representation of the GPO data. Use the ReportLocation parameter to specify the location in which you want to generate the files. Use the Domainswitch to specify the domain that you want to run the report against.

Usage:  GetReportsForAllGPOs.wsf <ReportLocation> [/Domain:<DNSDomainName>]

Example:  GetReportsForAllGPOs.wsf c:\reports

Generate GPO Reports for all GPO’s (Windows 2008 R2)

In Windows 2008 R2 you can user PowerShell for doing the same task.

Usage: Get-GPOReport -All -ReportType {<Xml> | <Html>} [-Domain <string>] [-Path <string>] [-Server <string>] [<CommonParameters>]

Example: Get-GPOReport –All -ReportType HTML -Path C:\GPOReports\GPOReport1.html    


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