How to license a Exchange 2007 EDGE server

If you deploy and configure an Exchange 2007 environment with a EDGE server without registering license keys before creating the subscription you can have problems licensing the EDGE server. There will be a warning message when starting the Exchange Management Console on any of the HUB/CAS/Mailbox servers that the EDGE server is unlicensed.

If you run Get-ExchangeServer select name,productid,*trial* you will get a similar output:










To solve this issue you need to recreate the EDGE subscrition between the EDGE and HUB server:

  1. Logon to the EDGE server
    1. Start Exchange Management Shell
    2. New-EdgeSubscription -FileName <Filename.xml>
  2. Copy the XML file to the HUB server
  3. Logon to the HUB server
    1. Start Exchange Management Console (EMC)
    2. Go to Organization Configuration > Hub Transport
    3. Right click and choose "New Edge Subscription..."
    4. Follow the wizard
    5. Start Exchange Managment Shell (EMS)
    6. Start-EdgeSynchronization
      Verify that "Result: Success" appears
  4. Delete the XML-files that you created

Now the EDGE server should be licensed when starting the EMC.

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