Change color in CRM 3.0

Some times customers deploy multiple installations of Microsoft CRM 3.0 in their Active Directory. One for production use and the other for a development/staging plattform (for testing new functionallity and code deployments).

If users access both deployments they can have trouble to know which CRM system they are on and in worst case starts to work on the development/staging servers.

To prevent this you can change the background color of the CRM system to a color you like (yellow, orange, red).

This change makes you CRM 3.0 unsupported by Microsoft but if you keep a copy of the original file it's easy to swap back to a supported configuration.

In some cases you need to reapply the change after an upgrade/repair/hotfix.

Step by step guide to change background color

  1. Logon to the CRM server
  2. Browse to <CRM IIS root> (normally c:\inetpub\wwwroot)
  3. Browse to _common\styles
  4. Copy the global.css to a backup directory
  5. Open global.css
  6. Do a IISreset

In Global.css you need to edit the body.stage tag:

background-color: #acc0e9;
padding: 10px;

Change the color to what you like with color codes. I normally recommend the following codes:

  1. #ffC4AC = OrangePink color
  2. #22B14C = Green color
  3. yellow = Yellow color (remeber to remove the #)

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